Implementation of 8.33kHz spacing between voice channels

According to the EC Regulation, 8.33kHz spacing between voice channels is implemented in Slovenian airspace.


The changes are published in the AIP, here is a brief summary.


LKZP Cerklje      118,555                23.3.2021

LKZP Maribor    119.205                23.3.2021

LKZP Brnik         118,005                24.3.2021

LKZP Portorož   124,880                24.3.2021

LOWER               135,280               25.3.2021

FIC                       118,480               ​25.3.2021


Aircraft not equipped with appropriate radio stations are not allowed to enter controlled airspace. In case of emergency (technical problems, weather situation), the appropriate air traffic control unit must be contacted on 121.5MHz.