About Us

Establishment of a company

Kontrola zračnega prometa Slovenije, d.o.o. was established on the basis of the Act on the Provision of Air Navigation Services, in accordance with the Companies Act and the Public Utilities Act, and in connection with the Aviation Act. The owner and founder of the company is the Slovenian state. In the rest of the world the company goes under its English name of Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limited.​

Operation of Air Traffic Control

lovenia Control is the holder of the licence to provide air navigation services, namely air traffic control services, aeronautical information services and communications, navigation and surveillance services. The company provides the technical and operational capacity for providing air navigation services in a manner that is safe, free of disruption, flexible in capacity, advantageous in terms of price, cost-effective, close-to-nature and of the very highest quality, adapting constantly to the actual current or future air traffic density in the given airspace.

The company is therefore equipped to provide air traffic control and management in all phases of flight and traffic flow at airports in a safe, high-quality and efficient manner, to issue aeronautical information, and to introduce, maintain and upgrade systems and devices for air traffic control and management. In addition, it has the expertise to develop the field of air traffic control, and to draw up regulations in this field. It is also able to participate in projects at home and abroad, and to help contribute to decisions that benefit Slovenia as a country. Establishing cooperation with government bodies, most notably the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Army, is a significant part of national security and sovereignty, as air traffic control is of strategic importance and is a crucial element in the policing of Slovenian airspace.

All of the above forms the basis for providing the flexible and timely management of the flow of air traffic through the airspace controlled by the company, which is integrated into the European network of air traffic management. As a provider of air navigation services, the company pursues a vital and irreplaceable activity in the civil aviation system, which is defined in national strategic documents as one of the major factors in economic development.​

Company Expertise

​The company provides air navigation services in Slovenia in accordance with Slovenian legislation, with European standards, with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol), with letters of agreement (LoAs) concluded with neighbouring air traffic controls, and with international treaties by which Slovenia is bound.

The company and its personnel are the sole agency in Slovenia to pursue the activity of air traffic control and management. Its activities cannot be compared to those of any other company or agency in the country, and the employees therefore hold a very specific position at the company, comparable solely to those at companies pursuing the same business activities in the rest of the world. Given the specific nature of their skills and know-how, employees at the company are involved in numerous activities affecting the development of the profession, regulations and developments in this area.​

International cooperation of the company


Implementing the Single European Sky requires close cooperation at European level. The Company is committed to strengthening its role and cooperation with neighbouring countries in the envisaged airspace transformation in the region, both at the level of the FAB CE and in cooperation and integration with other FABs.

FAB CE initiative and cooperation with FABs

The European Single European Sky legislation required EU Member States to establish Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) based on operational requirements and defined irrespective of national borders. The provision of air navigation services and related tasks is based on optimisation and enhanced cross-border cooperation between air navigation service providers. In order to fulfil this obligation, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia on 5 May 2011 at Brdo pri Kranju concluded an international agreement - the Agreement on the Establishment of a Functional Airspace Block of Central Europe which entered into force on 20 March 2012 and established the Functional Airspace Block of Central Europe - FAB CE. Furthermore, on 30 May 2011 the air navigation service providers of these countries concluded the Cooperation Agreement of the FAB ce air navigation service providers, to which the Company is a signatory. The Cooperation Agreement of the FAB CE air navigation service providers regulates the cooperation activities of the Air Navigation Service Providers of the FAB CE countries through which the functional airspace block is implemented, defining their powers and responsibilities. The purpose of these cooperative activities is to contribute to the implementation, operability and further development of the FAB CE, to continuously improve the level of safety, cost-effectiveness, environmental acceptability, optimisation and efficiency orientation of the provision of air navigation services, and to ensure the implementation of the individual objectives set out in each applicable Performance Plan. 

In order to comply with the requirements of the Single European Sky legislation and in line with the European Commission's request for air navigation service providers to increase cross-border cooperation, on 17 October 2014 the Company, together with the air navigation service providers of Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, established a joint legal entity - a commercial company with the status of a limited liability company, within the framework of which joint projects, consultancy services, part of procurement, etc. are carried out. The registered office of FABCE, Aviation Services, Ltd., is in the Republic of Slovenia.

Within the framework of FAB CE, the Company also cooperates with the air navigation service providers from other FABs in the framework of the "Inter-FAB cooperation" platform. The purpose of the cooperation between FABs is to express common views within the EU, to exchange experiences in the field of air traffic management, to pursue common objectives and interests in various fields and to cooperate in the establishment of the Single European Sky.

Free Route Airspace (FRA)

The Company is actively participating in the expansion of the Free Route Airspace (FRA) project. The expansion of the SECSI FRA, which brings together the airspace of eight (8) countries in the region (Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Slovenia), to the airspace of Italy (FRA IT), has made the combined FRA one of the largest FRAs in Europe. The added value of increasing the size of the cross-border single airspace without air routes is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce fuel consumption and move towards the goals of a carbon-free society, reducing travel times and thus improving mobility.

Activities related to airspace optimization and the optimization of regional ICT and CNS infrastructure are carried out in accordance with the FAB CE strategy and the European Airspace Architecture Study (AAS).

Cooperation with international organisations

The Company's international activities include active cooperation with international civil aviation organisations (Eurocontrol, EASA, ICAO, CANSO, ECAC, ATCA).​

Srečko Janša




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Managing Board

Peter Grašek
Present member
Marija Šeme
Present member
Marko Hočevar, PhD
Present member
Srečko Janša
MEMBER – temporarily inactive
Present member
Žiga Ogrizek
Present member
Boštjan Mišmaš
Present member

Code of Go​​vernance

​ ​​​​

The company adopted and, in its operations, complies with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as: the Code). The Code was adopted by Slovenska odškodninska družba, d.d. (the Slovenian Restituition Company) on 15 May 2013, which managed the state-owned assets of the Republic of Slovenia since 18 December 2012 until the establishment of Slovenian Sovereign Holding in accordance with the provisions of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act (the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 105/12, 39/13).

By adopting the Memorandum of Association, Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limited (Kontrola zračnega prometa Slovenije, d.o.o.) undertook to comply with the provisions of the Code. By complying with the provisions of the Code in full, it strives to preserve and build on the successful management and governance of the company.

The Code is published on the website of the Slovenska odškodninska družba, d.d.at the address​ http://www.sdh.si.​​


Code of Ethics


​​Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limite​d adopted its own Code of Ethics on 21 March 2012. This put in place guidelines for the actions of all those who are in any way involved with the company, whether it be as employees, as representatives of the management and supervisory bodies, as business partners or as users of services.​​


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At Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limited we have identified and defined the common values that guide all our employees and form part of our organisational culture, while shaping the very essence of our mission and vision as a company.​


Attaining, guaranteeing and constantly improving the defined safety levels and targets is a basic guideline for the company, the aim being to achieve excellence in the provision of services that are safe, flexible in capacity, acceptable in terms of price, cost-effective, close-to-nature and of the very highest quality. Safety is prioritised over and above all the company's other values.​


​For our partners, our customers and the public, we aim to be a reliable partner in our business activities.


​Our aim is to ensure that air traffic is safe, orderly and efficient, thanks in part to the responsible attitude that our employees show to air navigation services.​


​​Achieved by means of competence, accuracy, diligence, conscientiousness and responsibility in meeting the highest standards in the performance of work processes.​

Dedication to Service

​A socially responsible response to stakeholders.


​An honest, impartial, sincere, trustworthy and friendly attitude to co-workers, colleagues in the industry and stakeholders.​


​Achieved through non-discriminatory, co-dependent and mutually supportive collective work with co-workers, colleagues in the industry and stakeholders.​


We build on raising the level of the general, professional and specialist know-how of employees. We endeavour to develop a humane relationship to work and the people in the work process, and to train people to adapt rapidly to change. We invest in education for individuals to develop their careers and to achieve personal growth.​

Organisation of the Company


Organization of the company supports the safe, efficient and undisrupted provision of the air navigation services provided by the company, and provides for the requisite adaptability and responsiveness to changes in the environment in which it does business.

The core business activity, i.e. air traffic control and management, is pursued through three operational departments:

• Air Traffic Services,

• Communications, Navigation and Surveillance, and

• Aeronautical Information Services.

The process of training for the personnel working in the operational departments is provided at the Flight School.​

Air traffic safety, certification as the provider of air navigation services, international affairs and strategic planning, quality and security, IT, PR and secretarial duties are responsibility of director's staff.

Duties regarding HR, organisational and legal affairs, finances and accounting, as well as investment, maintenance and public procurement duties are responsibility of General Management Department.



Organization scheme

  1. CEO

    1. Air traffic services department (ATS)

      1. Automation of ATS

      2. ASM and Technological Support to ATS

      3. Ljubljana Area Air Traffic Control Service (ACC)

      4. Brnik Airport Air Traffic Control Service (TWR LJ)

      5. Maribor Airport Air Traffic Control Service (TWR MB)

      6. Portorož Airport Air Traffic Control Service (TWR PZ)

      7. Cerklje Airport Air TrafficControl Service (TWR CER)

    2. CNS/ATM systems department

      1. System Monitoring & Control (SMC)

      2. Data Processing Systems (DP)

      3. Communications (COM)

      4. Navigation and Airports (NAV)

      5. Surveillance Systems (SUR)

    3. Aeronautical information services department (AIS)

      1. AIP/MAP

      2. Information and Communications Centre (NOTAM/COM)

      3. ARO

    4. Certification, project managment and operational training department

      1. Certification

      2. Project office

      3. Flight School

    5. General management department

      1. Financial Service

      2. Human Resources Management Service

      3. Legal Service

      4. Investment and Procurement Service

    6. CEO's staff

      1. Safety

      2. SOC

      3. IT

      4. OPS development