Kontrola zračnega prometa Slovenije, d.o.o. was established on the basis of the Act on the Provision of Air Navigation Services, in accordance with the Companies Act and the Public Utilities Act, and in connection with the Aviation Act. The owner and founder of the company is the Slovenian state. In the rest of the world the company goes under its English name of Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limited.

Slovenia Control is the holder of the licence to provide air navigation services, namely air traffic control services, aeronautical information services and communications, navigation and surveillance services. The company provides the technical and operational capacity for providing air navigation services in a manner that is safe, free of disruption, flexible in capacity, advantageous in terms of price, cost-effective, close-to-nature and of the very highest quality, adapting constantly to the actual current or future air traffic density in the given airspace.

The company is therefore equipped to provide air traffic control and management in all phases of flight and traffic flow at airports in a safe, high-quality and efficient manner, to issue aeronautical information, and to introduce, maintain and upgrade systems and devices for air traffic control and management. In addition, it has the expertise to develop the field of air traffic control, and to draw up regulations in this field. It is also able to participate in projects at home and abroad, and to help contribute to decisions that benefit Slovenia as a country. Establishing cooperation with government bodies, most notably the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Army, is a significant part of national security and sovereignty, as air traffic control is of strategic importance and is a crucial element in the policing of Slovenian airspace.

All of the above forms the basis for providing the flexible and timely management of the flow of air traffic through the airspace controlled by the company, which is integrated into the European network of air traffic management. As a provider of air navigation services, the company pursues a vital and irreplaceable activity in the civil aviation system, which is defined in national strategic documents as one of the major factors in economic development.

The company provides air navigation services in Slovenia in accordance with Slovenian legislation, with European standards, with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol), with letters of agreement (LoAs) concluded with neighbouring air traffic controls, and with international treaties by which Slovenia is bound.

The company and its personnel are the sole agency in Slovenia to pursue the activity of air traffic control and management. Its activities cannot be compared to those of any other company or agency in the country, and the employees therefore hold a very specific position at the company, comparable solely to those at companies pursuing the same business activities in the rest of the world. Given the specific nature of their skills and know-how, employees at the company are involved in numerous activities affecting the development of the profession, regulations and developments in this area.

The company has established good relations with neighbouring countries, and its aim is to contribute to meeting the European Commission’s objectives in connection with the creation of functional airspace blocks (FABs) in Europe, and to obtain a strategic partner in the local region to secure its role in the future provision of air navigation services in the region.


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