BHANSA and Slovenia Control sign the Letter of Agreement


Mr. Davorin Primorac, BHANSA Director and Franc Željko Županič, PhD, Director of Slovenia Control signed the Letter of Agreement on 5 December 2022 in Ljubljana.
The agreement represents a formal basis for joint work and cooperation in a number of areas of mutual interest, such as: maintenance and development of the Data Processing System (DPS), Safety Management System(SMS), capacity optimization, protection and contingency measures in the field of communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS), cooperation with competent authorities (CA) in certification procedures, continuous compliance and implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373 laying down common requirements for providers of air traffic management/air navigation services and other air traffic management network functions and their oversight, and acceptance of changes in the functional system, flight procedures design and cartography and transition of AIS to AIM and SWIM. 
The cooperation will also continue through other areas by the agreement.
The agreement will be implemented in accordance with the defined bases and areas of cooperation, whereby, if necessary, special teams and working bodies for the implementation of activities in individual areas of cooperation will be formed, coordinators will be nominated for the implementation of the agreement and the necessary instruments for mutual coordination will be provided, including the holding of the special meetings with the aim of analysing the implementation and planning activities on the implementation of the agreement.
During the ceremony, the directors Davorin Primorac and Franc Željko Županič expressed pleasure with the conclusion of the agreement, which raised the already successful cooperation between BHANSA and Slovenia Control, both bilaterally and within the framework of FAB CE, to an even greater level.​