14. Oct 2015
An agreement at Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) level between DANUBE FAB and FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) was signed on 14 October 2015 by the Co-Chairmen of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board and the Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee, with the aim of establishing and enhancing cooperation in ATM in the two adjacent Functional Airspace Blocks.
The Agreement was signed with the occasion of the Second Inter-FAB Coordination Workshop organised by the DANUBE FAB in Bucharest, where all nine FABs attended with a view to enhance cooperation and share lessons learned.

Through the signature of this Agreement, DANUBE FAB and FAB CE have created a framework for cooperation for nine ANSPs; BULATSA and ROMATSA on the part of DANUBE FAB, and Austro Control, BHANSA, Croatia Control, ANS CR, HungaroControl, LPS SR and Slovenia Control on the part of FAB CE. Establishing a flexible cooperation mechanism, the agreement will contribute towards the safe, efficient and optimised provision of air navigation services.

The Agreement supports the Single European Sky legislation, with the aim of providing a safer, more cost-efficient, environment-friendly and performance-driven service. The areas of cooperation under the Agreement include the areas of operations, technical, training, performance and safety.

DANUBE FAB and FAB CE are committed to continue engaging with neighbouring EU and non-EU States so as to deliver additional benefits and further contribute towards better performance. This signing completes a set of three agreements, between BLUE MED FAB, DANUBE FAB and FAB CE , which collectively form a triangle of cooperation in the region, laying a strong foundation to improve performance throughout South-Eastern and Central Europe.

05. May 2011
On 5 May 2011 the FAB CE Agreement was signed in Brdo pri Kranju by Doris Bures, the Austrian federal minister of transport, innovation and technology, Rudo Vidović, the Bosnian minister of communications and transport, Ivo Vykydal, the Czech deputy minister of transport, Danijel Mileta, M.Sc., state secretary at Croatia’s ministry of the sea, transport and infrastructure, Tamas Ivan Kovacs, Hungarian deputy state secretary of infrastructure, Ján Figeľ, the minister of transport, construction and regional development and deputy prime minister of Slovakia, and Patrick Vlačič, Ph.D., the Slovenian minister of transport.

The FAB CE Agreement will allow the aforementioned countries to comply with the requirements set out by Single European Sky regulations. With the creation of the FAB CE, air traffic control between the participating countries will be organised with regard to operational needs, not national borders, thereby increasing airspace capacity in this part of Europe and making its use more efficient.

At the invitation of Slovenia Control’s CEO, Franc Željko Županič, Ph.D., after the signing of the FAB CE Agreement at ministerial level the directors of the FAB CE air navigation service providers also signed the FAB CE ANSP Cooperation Agreement, the purpose of which is to ensure safe, cost-effective and environment-friendly air traffic.

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