Organization of the Company

Organization of the company supports the safe, efficient and undisrupted provision of the air navigation services provided by the company, and provides for the requisite adaptability and responsiveness to changes in the environment in which it does business.

The core business activity, i.e. air traffic control and management, is pursued through three operational departments:
• Air Traffic Services,
• Communications, Navigation and Surveillance, and
• Aeronautical Information Services.

The process of training for the personnel working in the operational departments is provided at the Flight School.

Air traffic safety, certification as the provider of air navigation services, international affairs and strategic planning, quality and security, IT, PR and secretarial duties are responsibility of director's staff.

Duties regarding HR, organisational and legal affairs, finances and accounting, as well as investment, maintenance and public procurement duties are responsibility of General Management Department.

Organisational scheme:



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Public Procurement

Public Procurement Procedures in Progress.


Orders of AIS products

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