Code of Governance


The company adopted and, in its operations, complies with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as: the Code). The Code was adopted by Slovenska odškodninska družba, d.d. (the Slovenian Restituition Company) on 15 May 2013, which managed the state-owned assets of the Republic of Slovenia since 18 December 2012 until the establishment of Slovenian Sovereign Holding in accordance with the provisions of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act (the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 105/12, 39/13).

By adopting the Memorandum of Association, Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limited (Kontrola zračnega prometa Slovenije, d.o.o.) undertook to comply with the provisions of the Code. By complying with the provisions of the Code in full, it strives to preserve and build on the successful management and governance of the company.

The Code is published on the website of the Slovenska odškodninska družba, the address


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