GEN 3.5  Meteorological services

1   Responsible service

The Meteorological Services for civil aviation are provided by the:
Post:Agencija RS za okolje
Služba letalske meteorologije
Vojkova 1B
P.P 2608
SI-1001 Ljubljana
Slovenian Environmental Agency
Aviation Meteorology Service
Vojkova 1B P.O. Box 2608 SI-1001 Ljubljana SLOVENIA
Phone:04 2804 514+386 4 2804 514
Fax:04 2804 518+386 4 2804 518
The service is provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the following ICAO documents:
Due to EU regulations, some provisions contained in ICAO documents may not be fully implemented. Possible differences are part of EU regulations:

2   Area of responsibility

Meteorological service is provided within the LJUBLJANA FIR.

3   Meteorological observations and reports

Name of station /Location indicatorType & frequency of observationTypes of MET reports & Supplementary Information includedObservation System & Site(s)Hours of operationClimatological information
Half hourlyMETAR,
AD warnings
Two Cup anemometers and two ultrasonic anemometers (R30 - R12) 1
RVR EQPT; Three Single baseline transmissiometers (R30 TDZ – MID - STOP END)1
Two Ceilometers (R30 - R12)1
Automatic MET Station with temperature sensors1
H24AVBL 5)
Half hourly(AUTO) METAR,
One Cup anemometer and One ultrasonic anemometer 2
RVR EQPT; One Single baseline transmissometer (R32 TDZ) 2
One Forward Scatter Visibility meter/present weather sensor at MET station site; 2
One Ceilometer (R32) 2
Automatic MET Station with temperature sensors 2
See LJMB AD 2.3AVBL 5)
Half hourly(AUTO)
One Cup anemometer and One ultrasonic anemometer 3)
One ceilometer at MET station site 3)
One Forward Scatter Visibility meter/present weather sensor near WDI 3)
Automatic MET Station with temperature sensors 3)
See LJPZ AD 2.3AVBL 5)
Half hourly(AUTO)
SYNOP, AD warnings
Two Cup anemometers and one ultrasonic anemometer (R09 - R27) 4)
RVR EQPT; Three Forward Scatter Visibility meters (R09 TDZ – MID - STOP END)4,
One Forward Scatter Visibility meter/present weather sensor at MET Station site4 Automatic MET Station with temperature sensors4
Two Ceilometers (R09 – R27)4
See LJCE AD 2.3AVBL 5)
1) see LJLJ AD 2.24 01-1 chart, 2) see LJMB AD 2.24 01-1 chart, 3) see LJPZ AD 2.24 01-1 chart, 4) see LJCE AD 2.24 01-1 chart 5) climatological information is provided within 30 days after received request
For reporting weather phenomena in vicinity of the airport following local rules apply:

4   Types of services

4.1   Meteorological Offices providing a service to Civil Aviation
Forecast and watch office are established at the airport Ljubljana. See the table shown below for Meteorological Office services on airports within LJUBLJANA FIR.
Meteorological OfficeServices AvailableTelephoneAFTNHours of operation
LJUBLJANAA1), B2), C3), D4)+386 4 2804 500LJLJYMYXH24
MARIBORA, B, C+386 2 6296 871LJMBYMYXSee LJMB AD 2.3
PORTOROZA, B, C+386 5 6179 120LJPZYMYXSee LJPZ AD 2.3
1) METAR, 2) TAF, 3) Foreign TAFs and METARs, 4) Special forecasts
Meteorological Offices provide the pilot with following documentation:
  • meteorological aerodrome reports - METAR
  • aerodrome forecasts in TAF form
  • forecast of en-route conditions in form of charts (SWC)
  • upper wind and temperature forecasts in chart form
  • significant meteorological information: SIGMET
  • AIRMET and Special AIREP
Personal briefing and consultation for flight crew members are provided only at LJUBLJANA / International airport. For all other aerodromes, consultation is available by telephone (00:00-24:00 UTC). Briefing is normally provided together with the issue of documentation. If Meteorological Office briefing is not available, it may be obtained by telephone from the Meteorological Office at the LJUBLJANA airport.
On special request by operators, forecast for take-off is issued. Request should be send to LJUBLJANA meteorological office not later then 5 hours before ETD. Forecast contains information on expected conditions over the runway complex in regard to surface wind direction and speed and any variations thereof, temperature and pressure. Forecast of additional meteorological elements should be specified by operators as part of their request. Forecast can be obtained at the departure aerodrome meteorological office or via email if email address is specified in the request by operator.
Meteorological OfficeTelephoneTelefaxEmail
LJUBLJANA+386 4 2804 500+386 4 2804
MARIBOR+386 2 6296 871+386 2 6296
PORTOROZ+386 5 6179 120+386 5 6179
CERKLJE OB KRKI+386 7 4953 364+386 7 4953
4.2   Meteorological information for general aviation
4.2.1   General
Meteorological information for General aviation is normally supplied upon request by a pilot or its organisation by telephone or as briefing directly in the Meteorological office. When requesting meteorological information, the pilot is asked to supply the Meteorological office with the following information:
  • category of flight (VFR/IFR)
  • destination, route and flying time (ETD/ETA)
  • altitude (ALT)
  • language (Slovenian/English)
Information about meteorological situation and forecast at the aerodromes and routes are available for the need of General aviation. Information could be given as briefing or upon request of a pilot, in the written form as documentation.
Meteorological offices are provided at the following aerodromes:
Meteorological OfficeTelephoneTelefaxEmail
LJUBLJANA+386 4 2804 500+386 4 2804
MARIBOR+386 2 6296 871+386 2 6296
PORTOROZ+386 5 6179 120+386 5 6179
CERKLJE OB KRKI+386 7 4953 364+386 7 4953
4.2.2   Documentation for flight
Documentation for flight may be prepared in the form of "forecast chart of significant weather" or given in the plain language including the following information:
  • meteorological situation concerning the route,
  • amount, type and height of clouds,
  • weather, turbulence and freezing level,
  • direction and speed of wind on the flight level,
  • temperature on the flight level and isotherm elevation of 0°C,
  • surface visibility
Documentation is supplemented by the information about meteorological information and forecast for the aerodrome of departure, arrival and alternate aerodrome.
4.2.3   Forecast for General Aviation (GAFOR)  General
"Code for general aviation forecast" - GAFOR has been introduced into operation on the basis of the Resolution 15 (VIII-RA VI) of the Regional Association WMO for Europe Forecasting relates to the specific routes in Slovenia. It is issued in cooperation with the meteorological services of the airport Ljubljana (Brnik). GAFOR reports are exchanged within all the international airports in Slovenia and they are dispatched in the form of LJ bulletin MOTNE, Vienna.  Time of issue and period of validity (UTC)
  • 02:00 for the period 03:00 - 09:00 (1 April to 1 September)
  • 05:00 for the period 06:00 - 12:00
  • 08:00 for the period 09:00 - 15:00
  • 11:00 for the period 12:00 - 18:00
  • 14:00 for the period 15:00 - 21:00 (1 April to 1 September)  Code:
CCCC G1G1G2G2 AAAA agagwgwgwg
CCCCICAO indicator of the office originating the GAFOR message
G1G1G2G2 Period of validity
AAAAIndicating letters denoting the issuing of forecast given in two-hourly intervals
agag Part of the route for which the forecasting is issued
wgwgwg Weather category of forecasting prevailing conditions of visibility and cloud base (> 4/8) for three successive validity period lasting two hours each

4.3   GAFOR route segments
agag Identification of the routesReference height
m(ft) MSL
12Razdrto-Divača-Črni Kal-Portorož900(3000)
13Razdrto-Ajdovščina-Nova Gorica-Udine600(2000)
16Wolfsberg-Dravograd-Celje-Trebnje-Ponikve- Razdrto1100(3600)
40Maribor-Murska Sobota-Zalaegerszeg500(1700)

5   Notification required from operators

Notification from operators in respect of briefing, consultation, flight documentation and other meteorological information they need (ref. ICAO Annex 3, 2.3) is normally required for intercontinental flights of more than 3500 km. Such notification should be received at least 6 hours before the expected time of departure.

6   Aircraft reports

Special Aircraft Observations are required within LJUBLJANA FIR.
If volcanic activity is observed during the flight, on arrival of a flight at an aerodrome, the completed report of volcanic activity shall be delivered by the aircraft operator or a flight crew member, without delay, to the aerodrome meteorological office.

7   VOLMET service

No VOLMET Service available within LJUBLJANA FIR.

8   SIGMET and AIRMET service

Name of MWO/ location indicatorsHoursFIR or CTA servedType of SIGMET, AIRMET/validitySpecific proceduresATS unit servedAdditional information
Volcanic ash SIGMET / 6HR
8.1   General
For the safety of air traffic, the Meteorological Authority maintains an area meteorological watch and warning service. This service consists partly of a continuous weather watch within the lower and upper FIR and the issuance of appropriate information (SIGMET and AIRMET) by Meteorological Watch Offices and partly of the issuing of warnings for the respective aerodrome and, subject to agreement, for other aerodromes by all aeronautical MET offices.
8.2   Area meteorological watch service
The area meteorological watch service is performed by the Meteorological Watch Office at AD Ljubljana. The MWO disseminates SIGMETs and AIRMETs issued, as well as SIGMETs and AIRMETs of adjacent MWOs and, upon agreement, also SIGMETs and AIRMETs of other MWOs, to the appropriate ACC/FIC for the FIR or UIR concerned.
8.2.1   SIGMET
The MWOs issue information in the form of SIGMET messages about the occurrence or expected occurrence of one or several of the following significant meteorological phenomena:
  • thunderstorms (with or without hail) 1)
  • severe turbulence
  • severe icing (with or without FZRA)
  • severe mountain waves
  • volcanic ash
  • radioactive cloud
1)  Area of widespread cumulonimbus clouds or cumulonimbus along a line (squall line) with little or no space between individual clouds, or cumulonimbus embedded in cloud layers or obscured by haze.
The SIGMETs are issued in abbreviations and plain language using ICAO abbreviations and are numbered consecutively for each day commencing at 00:01. The SIGMETs will be issued not more than 4 hours before the commencement of the period of validity. The period of validity is limited to not more than 4 hours from the time of validity.
Volcanic ash SIGMETs will be issued based on advisory information provided by the relevant VAAC. Volcanic Ash SIGMETs will be issued as soon as practicable but not more than 12 hours before the commencement of the period of validity. For Volcanic Ash SIGMETs their period of validity is limited to not more than 6 hours from the time of validity and will be updated at least every 6 hours.
8.2.2   AIRMET
The AIRMET information is provided by MWO at AD LJUBLJANA/BRNIK. AIRMET information is prepared relating to the territory of Slovenia from Surface up to FL 200. Information is prepared in abbreviated plain English language concerning the occurrence and/or expected occurrence of specified weather phenomena as follows:
  • widespread mean surface wind speed above 60 km/h (30 KT)
  • thunderstorms 2)
  • moderate icing (except for icing in convective clouds)
  • moderate turbulence (except for turbulence in convective clouds)
  • moderate mountain wave
2)  Isolated thunderstorms without hail, occasional thunderstorms without hail, isolated thunderstorms with hail, occasional thunderstorms with hail.
The AIRMETs are numbered consecutively for each day commencing at 00:01. Their period of validity is generally limited to less than 4 hours from the time of transmission.

9   Other automated meteorological services

Service nameInformation availableArea, route and aerodrome coverageTelephone, Telefax, Remarks
TV SLO (teletext p. 165)
W+T charts, SIGWX chart for Slovenia below 20000 ft MSL, METEO web cams, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, satellite and weather radar pictures, special FCST for GEN aviation and Glider  FLY
(in Slovenian language only)
LJUBLJANA FIR and routes
(see 4.3 GAFOR route segments)
Phone: +386 4 2804 500
Fax:+386 4 2804 518