ENR 1.14  Air traffic incidents

1   Definition of air traffic incidents

The term “ATI - Air traffic incident” is used to mean a serious occurrence related to the provision of air traffic services, such as:
  1. aircraft proximity (AIRPROX)
  2. serious difficulty caused by:
    1. faulty procedures or lack of compliance with applicable procedures or
    2. failure of ground facilities
1.1   Aircraft Proximity
Aircraft proximity is a situation in which, in the opinion of the pilot or ATS personnel, the distance between aircraft, as well as their relative positions and speed, has been such that the safety of the aircraft involved may have been compromised.
1.2   ATI - Air Traffic Incidents are designated and identified in reports as follows:
Air traffic incidentIncident
as a) aboveAircraft proximity
as b1) aboveProcedural
as b2) aboveFacility

2   Use of the Air Traffic Incident Report Form - ATIR

ATI which occurs in connection with Air Traffic Control Service require notification in writing by means of the Air Traffic Incident Report Form.
2.1  The Air Traffic Incident Report Form is intended for use:
  1. by a pilot for filing a report on an ATI after arrival or for confirm a report made initially by radio during flight;
  2. by an ATS unit for recording an ATIR received by radio, telephone or teleprinter;
  3. by an ATC unit for filling a report on an ATI caused by an aircraft violating provisions or an ATC clearance.
2.2  The duty of notification is obligatory for the aeronautical personnel involved as well as the units of air navigation services.
2.3  When a pilot or appropriate ATC unit intends to submit an ATIR, the appropriate data must be supplied in advance by radio, without indicating personal data such as name or address. This initial radio advisory should include all essential information, such as: call sign, date and time of incident, position information, heading, route, airspeed and altitude and if another aircraft is involved its description. In the case that in the opinion of parties involved a risk of collision exists this should be clearly stated.
2.4  A collision risk exists in case of aircraft proximity, when avoidance manoeuvre was required or appropriate to prevent a collision or an unsafe situation. Such cases will be investigated by the Aircraft Incident Investigation Commission (AIIC). All other cases will be investigated by the appropriate ATC unit and Ministry of Infrastructure. AIIC will be periodically informed about the results of the investigations and actions taken.
2.5  The ATIR for incidents having occurred in Slovenia or abroad should be addressed in writing to:
Post:Agencija za civilno letalstvo
Kotnikova 19a
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Civil Aviation Agency
Kotnikova 19a
SI-1000 Ljubljana
or to the ARO in the Aerodrome of first landing for submission to the above address.

3   Reporting procedures (including in-flight procedures)

No information available

4   Purpose of reporting and handling of the form

4.1  The purpose of the reporting ATIR is to promote the safety of aircraft and to provide the investigation authorities with as complete information on an ATI as possible and to enable them to report back, with the least possible delay to the pilot or operator concerned, the result of the investigation of the incident and if appropriate, the remedial action taken.