AD 1.2  Rescue and fire fighting services, snow plan

1   Rescue and fire fighting services

At aerodromes approved for scheduled and/or non-scheduled traffic with aircraft carrying passengers, Rescue and Fire Fighting Services are established in accordance with REGULATIONS FOR CIVIL AVIATION.
Information about whether there is service or not and also the extent of the service is given on the relevant page for each aerodrome.
Scheduled or non-scheduled traffic with aircraft carrying passengers are not allowed to use aerodromes without Rescue and Fire Fighting Services.
The scale of protection available has been determined in terms of Aerodrome categories from I to IX according to Annex 14 and the related Manual.

2   Snow plan

2.1   Organization of winter service
During the winter period from approximately 1st November to approximately 1st April, the Aerodrome Operational Service will conduct the following duties:
  1. Surveillance of the manoeuvring area and apron with a view to note presence of ice, snow, or slush.
  2. Measurement of the friction coefficient or estimate of breaking action when ice, snow and/or slush are present at more than 10% of the total area of the runway in question, and as far as possible at taxiways and apron.
  3. Implementation of measures to maintain the usability of the runway etc.
  4. Reporting concerning the conditions mentioned in item a) to c) above.
Winter service is established at the following aerodromes:
2.2   System and means of reporting
SNOWTAM are promulgated in accordance with ICAO Annex 15.
2.3   Runway de/anti-icing generic fluids and solid materials used
To assist airplane operators in tracking airplane exposure to alkali-organic runway de/anti-icing substances for preventative maintenance planning purposes, information on the type of the substances used on runways and taxiways are provided in the remarks column of AD 2.7 of particular aerodrome. The list of substances that may be used as described in EASA SIB No.: 2018-01, is:
  • KAC for potassium acetate fluids
  • KFOR for potassium formate fluids
  • GAC for glycerine acetate fluids
  • NAFO for sodium formate solids
  • NAAC for sodium acetate solids
  • EG for ethylene glycol fluids
  • PG for propylene glycol fluids
  • UREA
  • SAND